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Something that successful actors do is create for themselves a “brand,” i,e., something that makes them stand out, intrigue those responsible for casting, and let them know who they’re hiring to bring their words to life.

When I started my acting brand journey, I realized that I was often being cast as mothers or maternal types. Sometimes those mothers were kind and caring, sometimes they were aloof and angry, but they were all mothers, nonetheless. I find this amusing because I’m not a mother myself. I must have a motherly aura about me. Also, I’m an middle-aged, full-figured woman. Frankly, my casting really isn’t that surprising. I accept and embrace it.

Well, when I began my voice over career, I thought, “Hey, this is my opportunity to break out of my mold! Nobody can see me, so I can sculpt all sorts of characters with my low, rich voice. I can be a femme fatale or a witch or a CEO! WooHoo!”

When I do character voices, guess what I’m cast as?

Yep, mothers or maternal types.

I guess there’s no running from your true brand…

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