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Ever since I played the Seamstress in “Stone Soup” at age 6, I have yearned to be an actor. But, while I’ve studied film and stage acting and have been seen in everything from Shakespeare to original works, my journey to my current life wasn’t a smooth one.

As an adult I’ve taken a few wrong turns, working in politics, commercial furniture manufacturing, and even for NASA — basically everything but acting. After a long and very windy road, I realized that it was time to go all in and actually do what I’ve wanted to do all along.

And here I am!

In the end, it was for the best that I waited to pursue my true passion for acting, because I’ve learned so much on the way.

I’ve lived so, so many lives, both as an adult and as a kid while my Navy family travelled every corner of the United States. Because of that, I have a huge wealth of experiences and insight that I can bring to every role and job.

I’m now settled in Los Angeles, looking forward to every new voice acting role as if it were my first. Each voice over project is yet another new thread to be woven into my life experience tapestry. I am excited to use this rich tapestry to bring your words to life.

“I’m so overwhelmed with joy. Carol Elaine’s work was amazing. She is very professional and accommodating. I would definitely work with her again.”

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A Little More About Me

Because there's always more to tell...

Outside of voice acting, the one thing that I’m most passionate about is my work as a mental health advocate.

I do everything I can to continually spread awareness of the realities of working with mental illness. I want to let performers — and everyone else who needs to hear it  — know that they’re not alone.

Me? I live with Bipolar Disorder II, Depression and Anxiety…so you could say I’m no stranger to what it is like to work and live with mental illness. 

After many years of struggling, I discovered people who helped me to see that what I was going through wasn’t as unusual as I thought. They were voices that led me out of the darkness.

I want to be that voice for others, which is why I make mental health awareness a huge part of my career. I have made it my goal to let others know that they are more than their mental illness. And that there is help for them.

I bring this unique perspective to my work and will always give you the most authentic and true performance I can.

I’m a big believer that any work you do — whether it’s an audio drama, video game, film, or even commercial — needs to have truth to it.

And it’s exactly that truth which I bring to every role.

Part of that truth is that I am also a huge geek who loves Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, and — no surprise — Space (hence the NASA work!). I was even fortunate enough to carry an actual satellite once. Yes, it was a small CubeSat, but it was very cool.

I am also well known in the VO community for my extensive tiara collection.

As you can see, from mental health proponent to ex-NASA worker and on to tiara lover — I’m a person with many experiences! I look forward to bringing them all to your next project.

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